The Surrender Initiative

The Surrender Initiative at Stella Maris

June 7, 2024 | St. Thomas Church | Withamsville, OH

The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

Celebrate the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart by entering into The Surrender Initiative.

Jesus meets us with the tenderness of his heart, inviting us to hand over to him all our concerns and cares. On June 7, we will encounter Jesus and entrust  to his Sacred Heart our loved ones who are no longer practicing their Catholic faith.

Confessions and sacred music begin at 6PM

Divine Mercy Chaplet and Litany to Obtain a Conversion at 6:40PM

Holy Mass at 7:00PM

Outdoor reception to follow

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The Surrender Initiative at Stella Maris

The Spirituality of The Surrender Initiative

What is The Surrender Initiative?

Many of us have experienced the heartache of watching someone we deeply care about drift away from the Church. This separation often evokes feelings of sorrow and leaves us questioning, “Could I have intervened more effectively?” Some distance themselves because of misunderstandings or painful experiences within the Church.

It's natural to feel unequipped to address these situations, especially as the wider culture leans more towards secularization, diminishing the allure of faith for many.

The Surrender Initiative presents an opportunity to come together as the Body of Christ--to gather in the sacredness of the Holy Mass, praying intentionally and dedicating our Mass prayers and sacrifices for those we love who are no longer practicing their faith.

Thanks be to God and the Lord Jesus Christ for the Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur. She is the inspiration behind The Surrender Initiative. It was her life of holiness and sacrifice that inspired the idea behind The Surrender Initiative.

The Surrender Prayer

The Surrender Prayer